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Property finding services and financing for foreign investors in Spain

Explore Financing Options

Receive advice on mortgages and lending options as a foreign investor in Spain.

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Consult with experts on the best places to purchase property in Spain.

Smooth Moving

Receive trusted advice on the Spanish residency application, insurances, and other relocation requirements.


WestMed provides the following services to help you find your perfect investment property or home in Spain.

WestMed Property Finding Services

Are you looking to find the perfect second home, income property, or retirement home in Spain? Trust the advising services of expats with experience purchasing properties throughout Spain.

Property finding services include:

* Advising on market trends for regions throughout Spain

* Information regarding up-and-comingĀ investment locations

* Income property analysis

* Property management company referrals

* Spanish property tax information

And more . . .

Property Finding

Rely on the expertise of professionals to find the residence or investment property in Spain that meets your financial or personal goals.

Investment Financing

WestMed provides numerous financing options in Spain, each of which is tailor-made to your financial portfolio.

Currency Conversion

Protect your capital through safe and secure currency transactions to a Spanish bank while avoiding the hidden costs often associated with international transfers.


WestMed provides property finding services and financing options for investors in Europe. Services include advising on the Spanish property buying procedures, translation services when working with non-English speaking realtors, mortgage and brokerage services, Spanish residency and NIE information, guidance on homeowners insurance, pet relocation, Spanish healthcare options, and more. Make your entrance to the Spanish market a smooth one!

Property finding services in Spain

Our Team

Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones


Ryan Jones has been acquiring and managing income properties and residences since 1995. He began investing in the European market in 2013 and founded WestMed Properties with the aim of helping foreign investors navigate the complex process of buying property outside their country of origin.

Amanda Roberts

Amanda Roberts

Web Content Developer/Marketing

Amanda holds an MA in English and is currently a PhD candidate at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. She has 15 years of experience with travel, science, and language writing and has been producing customized web content and holding marketing campaigns for clients since 2009.

James Baxter

James Baxter

International Currency Broker

As Senior Broker of Foremost Currency Group, James has been providing safe international transfers for clients since 2011. He received his BSc in Economics at Loughborough University and has a background in economics and finance. For more information, see our Currency Conversion page.

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